My name is Marie. As a professional coach, I am here to help and to serve you. As simple as it sounds.

I completed my coach training at Robbins-Madanes Training under my teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha.

My expertise is based on the highly challenging and fluid environment of modern economy. I served as a leading finance manager in governmental administration, marketing director and as entrepreneur and consultant. Deadlines, people and managing resources made me keenly aware of the factors that make the overall project successful.


I love what I do and I live what I preach.

I am practicing coaching for 10 years already and really fond of the results it creates in people’s lives.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and professionals to transition to the next level of their life and business game.

Are you too familiar with that dreadful feeling of being stuck or burned out? Do you know the feeling that there is something beyond that awaits you but not being not able to achieve this because of reasons you cannot put into words clearly–even to yourself?

Life at times throws us problems, which we prefer to call “challenges”, and knocks us out. What defines us is how we get back on our feet and whom we become in the process.

All you need are proven tools, some expertise, and guidance to move you ahead to the next level of your life and your business.

What a great feeling to clearly see your new horizons, being energized and pumped up every single day; to be able to reach your goals and create what you envision; to play big and manifest your talents and gifts; to give beyond yourself from the overflow of who you are; to be a force for good in action! It is such a beautiful state when everything is possible and you are unstoppable, unshakable, and free!

Your business and life situation could be turned around in a matter of days with the help of coaching. It’s the best investment you could make to improve areas in which you are facing challenges.

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